Shirley Doray

Shirley Doray

We were first introduced to Elsa in 2013 when we needed to renovate our home. As an ID, Elsa has been intent on meeting our needs as well as keeping in mind our budget constraints. She was able to offer us a variety of options which gave us the opportunity to select. Her professional expertise in design ideas were ideal as we preferred a minimalist approach. If there was anything we did not quite like, Elsa got it redone! The result was a renovated home that we loved and enjoyed with many compliments from those who visited us. We have recommended her to both family and friends and the feedback is always good!

Over the years, Elsa has been providing excellent after-sales care as she has continued to respond promptly to our calls when we needed things to be fixed. All her contractors are extremely polite workers who ensured job satisfaction. We just renovated my teenage son’s room last month and it was amazing how Elsa was able to connect with our son and meet his needs and expectations. He is now totally happy with his ‘new’ room which ‘Aunty Elsa’ had reconfigured in consultation with him! 🙂

Today, Elsa remains a really good friend and ID whose caring, patient, sincere, honest and humble demeanour always touches the hearts of those she meets. Both Elsa and her team have been working tirelessly to earn the respect, admiration and gratitude of my family! 🙂

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