Muharsad Sueb

Muharsad Sueb

ID Fam is very professional and the 1st to respond to my query when I put up my renovation request in a platform.
He is very attentive to my request and paid very attention to detail.
ID Fam is able to work within my budget and propose alternative a to the design to my work.
He is very realistic in his timeline.
ID Fam would explained to me of the rational of a design.

Love his drawings of the measurement of my son build in wardrobe.
1st project of my house was very SATISFYING AND GREAT WORKMANSHIP.
Rectification was done within a few days.

2nd project of the house is very exciting.
ID Fam is very fast in providing the drawings for my house 2nd project. Again the budget is within my means.

ID Fam is fast in replying to my queries and accomodating.

Will come back for 3rd project!!!

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