KH Yong

KH Yong


We recently purchased a house and needed some renovation done. A friend of ours has just has his house renovated and has positive feedback about L & Co, so we decided to engage them.

Generally, the experience has been very good and the high standard of service and workmanship consistent from beginning to end.

The initial engagement was personal and the quotation was comprehensive. We were well advised of our opinions in terms of price, materials and design choices, based L & Co’s experience and knowledge of the market.

The team of carpenters, tilers, electrician etc were also well run and disciplined, and considered all our many requests to the best of their abilities.

The follow up service after all the work done and paid for was also impeccable, as L & Co was well connected to a network of various suppliers and technicians to support our needs. On top, L & Co would coordinate so that we have a more comprehensive customer experience.

All in all, we can confidently recommend L & Co – we like them and think they are a solid choice to go with.

Susan & Yong

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