David Ng

David Ng

Elsa, Si xi and team really aim to please and take pride in their product. Given the tight deadline and busy schedules they were able to manifest our concepts into reality. There are many admirable qualities with this design team but the thing that stood out the most was their ability to adapt to our conceptualizations and multiple iterations while keeping within the pre-set project scope and costs.

Thanks to thoughtful input from Elsa and Si xi each iteration was value add and we arrived at a final product that exceeded expectations. They were extremely patient and provided timely insights making the process smoother and more efficient. Understanding our budget and detailing where we would get the best value for dollar spend was critical to ensuring we received a home to our standards AND within our budget. From lighting, to marble selection to fixtures, to paint, to decking and onwards, they carefully explained the pros and cons of each material, durability, aesthetics amongst the many considerations.

Input/selection: I feel one the strongest assets of her team is the value add in explaining the cost benefit of different materials, fixtures and appliances. There’s a saying that you get what you pay for and with this team I really feel like we were advised properly on how to spend our dollar to maximize the value: from the lighting selection, to kitchen countertop, to paints and everything else in between. The time and effort saved by relying on their experience to me is priceless.

Communication: Elsa and Si xi responded to our inquiries promptly and efficiently. Any question or concern was addressed within the day if not sooner. Their frequent updates were greatly appreciated considering our own busy schedules. The team handled all inquiries, contractors, suppliers etc. All we had to do was discuss and choose and they handled the rest.

Timing: The team delivered ahead of schedule by 14 days. We received keys to our new home earlier than expected which was a pleasant surprise.

Extras: Not only did they meet our requirements but also exceeded in providing the small touches of personal care. Elsa understands the stresses of renovation and the team took it upon themselves to manage the process throughout the three months. Renovation is a headache and having someone to manage the entire operation is well worth the money.

Thanks again to Elsa, Si xi and team for helping craft our amazing home! I’m constantly reminded of the effort and care as I settle into the place.

Services: Bathroom design, Living room design, Closet design, Lighting design, Kitchen design, Interior painting, Flooring selection, Cabinetry & hardware design, Bedroom design, Interior architectural design, Interior decorating, Space planning

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