Angeline Cheng

Angeline Cheng

“Living and Comfort” … indeed, Elsa totally delivers true to L & Co company’s tag line.

I have gone through few home and office renovations before, and Elsa of L & Co company is by far the one whom I have no reservation in recommending to anyone who needs a reliable and open-minded ID who gives quality results.

Elsa came highly recommended after friends knew I had unfruitful encounters with IDs from several other companies. I need more than just having some stuff done for a roof over my head – I need a home, a place to see me through till old age… I need to old age proof my home besides a warm, cost and safe place to move in … fast.

At the first site meeting, Elsa understood my requirements straight away and get down to work on the layout, recommendations, designs, materials, etc., in the few days that follow for discussions of a complete overhaul job. During the short renovation process, I threw many challenges and demands towards Elsa, I am impressed that Elsa and her team remain patience, professional and responsive. One outstanding matter is when there was air-con systems shortage in the market, but Elsa managed to secure that particular system I want, delivered and installed on time for the move-in deadline.

My best to Elsa and team, wishing you success always!
Services: Room planning, Bathroom design, Dining room design, Door design, Window design, Living room design, Closet design, Lighting design, Kitchen design, Interior painting, Flooring selection, Cabinetry & hardware design, Bedroom design, Interior architectural design, Space planning.

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